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Lead Generation: How Techonology Is Revolutionizing This Process

Innovations we have witnessed in recent years have unavoidably affected all aspects of businesses: from sales, to marketing and also customer service.

Internet brings many challenges to brands – which need to deal with more informed, demanding and engaged customers – and, at the same time, puts an increasingly diversified set of tools at the service of companies that allow them to reach more effectively their potentially customers.

One of the dimensions that has been enhanced by technology concerns lead generation. Lead generation techniques have made significant advances, specially thanks to:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Finding, contacting and engaging potential customers requires a great deal of time and resources. AI can play a decisive role at this level, allowing you to interact in a natural and relevant way with your contacts, as well as to generate new leads continuously.  

In addition, by automating and taking over some processes (like recurring administrative tasks, for example), AI techniques make it possible to reduce costs and allocate resources to more relevant tasks for lead generation and conversion.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are other trends that are beginning to have an impact on the lead generation process. Brands like IKEA and ASOS, for example, use these tools to improve their users’ experience regarding their products/services.

  • Customized Audiences

Segmentation and customized audiences are two crucial points when it comes to lead generation, since they allow you to communicate personalized and more effective messages to each buyer persona. Platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads already allow brands to advertise targeted ads at a demographic, geographic and psychographic level.

  • Big Data and Data Visualization

Internet and technology bring the power of data. From information about people’s interests to how they interact with your website, the possibilities are huge. There are, therefore, several data visualization, analysis and forecasting tools that help marketers and sales teams to implement the best strategies to generate leads.

  • Retargeting

As we mentioned before, it is within the reach of companies to understand who interacted with their websites and social media channels, for example. This information allows them to impact again those visitors – in a relevant and customized way -, until they are willing to convert or take the desired action.

  • Marketing Automation

Finally, one of the main advantages of technology is related to marketing automation mechanisms. When companies already have the contact of their potential clients, they can start communicating to him and delivering content based on how he interacted with website and the lifecycle stage he’s in – and automatically! This lead nurturing process helps sales departments to identify when it’s the right time to make a direct contact, allowing a more effective approach.

In case you want to know more about leads generation, and how technologies can be used for this purpose, feel free to contact us.

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