Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing

We set the right Marketing strategy so you can impact only your dream customers.

Account-Based Marketing


The Account-Based Marketing strategy

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a growth strategy that promotes teamwork between Marketing and Sales, with the ultimate goal of reaching strategically identified accounts.

Imagine focusing only on ideal customer profiles, usually those who bring out the most valuable business, without wasting time trying to sell to less qualified leads. 

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blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) serviços-imgs-marketing-azul

Account-Based Marketing vs.
Inbound Marketing


Complementary strategies? Yes, they are.

 Both Inbound Marketing and Account-Based Marketing are focused on attracting qualified leads. But ABM strategically anticipates the target accounts to be reached. It's about delivering personalized buying experiences to businesses mutually identified by Marketing and Sales. 

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Why Account-Based Marketing?

Check out the numbers that prove the benefits of following an ABM strategy, when compared to a Go-to-Market approach. 

increase in Customer Lifetime Value
increase in Business Value
companies with higher ROI
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blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) serviços-imgs-hubspot

Does Account-Based Marketing work for your company?

bullet-yl Do you usually focus on a small number of opportunities that can generate a higher return?

bullet-yl Do you regularly negotiate sales commissions?

bullet-yl Do your business negotiations involve multiple stakeholders with different needs?

bullet-yl Do you feel that your Marketing and Sales teams are not in sync?

bullet-yl Do you want to accelerate your sales pipeline and achieve great results quickly?

Then, yes!

Account-Based Marketing Tactics


  • Defining your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)
  • Defining your Buyer Personas
  • Defining your Buying Committee
  • Defining the attraction tactics


  • Content personalization
  • Lead Nurturing programs
  • Sales script building
  • Smart pages development
  • Analytical tools


  • Paid Media campaigns
  • Social Media engagement
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Outbound Marketing

Customer Relations

  • Bottom funnel emails sequences
  • Sales Enablement
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Exclusive events and initiatives

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