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Aircall - Voice Channel

Aircall allows you to add calling functionality to your HubSpot.
With Aircall, organizations can manage all voice communication in a virtual way, easily creating call numbers in any country in the world and integrating this channel with HubSpot to give more context and relevance to their operations. Aircall is built to make telephone communication easier to manage and to increase collaboration and productivity.

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blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) hub-mkt


The cloud-based phone system inside your HubSpot

 Phone calls are one of the best ways to interact with your customers and leads. By integrating Aircall and HubSpot, your marketing, sales and customer support teams will be more productive and will better manage their call flow.


Aircall to Sales Hub

  • Automatically log all calls in Contacts, Deals and Companies. Keep track of calls, notes, tags and leverage Aircall's click-to-dial and Power Dialer to maximize efficiency.
  • Identify all incoming calls using the Aircall information card, showing all information related to that same contact.

Aircall to the Service Hub

  • Automatically creates a ticket, logs the call and keeps a record, notes, tags and recordings.
  • Identify callers and view previous interactions before answering the call.
  • Triggers workflows to automate follow-up processes.

Aircall for Marketing Hub

  • Improve marketing ROI on phone campaigns by using the various features to support outbound operations.

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