Why internal Marketing teams can benefit from working with an Agency?

When companies structure their marketing efforts and plan their strategies, they typically have one of two options: develop marketing in-house or use specialized external agencies.

What often happens is that when companies choose to develop their marketing in-house, there is a expectation that marketers can do it all themselves. And this applies not only to small companies with small marketing teams, but also to large companies with large departments.

In response to this, a combination of efforts between in-house marketing teams and agencies is often a smart choice. This fusion of in-depth business knowledge on the one hand, and specialized know-how on the other, can be the magic recipe for results and lead to success.

Why work with a marketing agency? Here are some of the benefits that businesses can gain from working with a marketing agency.

The professionals in an agency are highly specialized

In an agency, professionals have specific and detailed training in the tasks they perform and have a strong accumulated experience in developing strategies for businesses like yours. The agency can provide you with an extremely complete service carried out by copywriters, designers, programmers, marketers, SEO specialists, community managers or any other professionals with skills that may not exist internally in your company. In addition, these professionals have a deeper knowledge of the most appropriate tools and technologies to achieve the expected results.

So, when you are hiring a specialized company, you are hiring the expertise of all the multidisciplinary teams involved.

An agency can help you achieve results faster

The right agency will help you get done what needs to be done and quickly. Because an agency's procedures are already highly oiled (particularly in agencies that work with sprints, such as YouLead), agencies generally tend to produce in a more agile form than companies' in-house marketing teams.

The agency can contribute from a more strategic vision to the operationalization of tactics

With a specialized multidisciplinary team that understands your overall business vision and objectives, the agency is in a position to develop a solid strategy suitable to your needs and designed to achieve those same objectives.

Additionally, the partner agency can support you in the operationalization of this same strategy, that is, in the development of all the tactics that aim to achieve the established objectives.

The cost-effectiveness of working with an agency is typically positive

One of the biggest benefits of working with an external partner is that you can scale your team in a cost-effective way.

Having a multi-skilled team composed of the various specialties within digital marketing (SEO, paid campaign management, social media management, email marketing, content production, data analysis, etc.) involves a large investment, which goes from recruiting professionals, to their training, to all the benefits and taxes supported by the company.

At first sight, hiring an agency may seem expensive, but it is generally a more cost-effective way of using your resources. In addition, it can help to free the employees themselves from certain tasks and allow them to focus on the more core business of their work.

There is a clear focus on data and monitoring results

Marketing agencies are focused on analyzing the strategies developed and providing you with valuable insights into their results and how to optimize them. All this with a more "trained" eye to identify any problems or opportunities for improvement.

In addition, KPIs can be established to measure the success of the partnership, thus providing transparency and clarity regarding the achievement of the objectives outlined.


Companies often tend to avoid working with marketing agencies because they think they're too expensive or they think that they can manage on their own. However, working with a specialist digital marketing partner presents numerous benefits and a window of opportunity to make your company's marketing more efficient and successful.

At YouLead we are experts in inbound marketing and HubSpot technology and believe we can help your business grow! Want to know how? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Content originally published in September 2021.

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