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7 Tips to enhance sales performance

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When it's time to show results, sales professionals with good processes, good time management skills, good commercial tools, strong commitment and team spirit can generate an unbeatable sales team.

Here are 7 tips that will help your sales team achieve (even more) results, in an efficient manner.

1. Leave the repetitive and administrative tasks to software

Free your team from the tasks that a software can do automatically, such as sending follow up emails, inserting data about leads, schedule meetings or organize contact information. If we are talking about doing repetitive tasks to 10 contacts, it is a waste of the sales rep's time. Time that can be used more wisely to approach leads, work on sales and close deals.

2. Invest in tools that improve Sales

A platform that allows for the automation of some sales tasks and give more time to sales reps to focus on the commercial part of their job, enhances the workflows and communication among teams. These tools help the sales reps' work and make it easier (sales enablement).

For example, surely you would like to know when a potential client is reading the proposal that you have sent. Being able to keep track of your leads automatically and send tailored emails, already prepared, saves you the time of having to do this one by one. Moreover, being able to access information about the lead’s digital behaviour, such as the content they've read and the products or services they consulted, enables you to know the lead’s interests. For sure you would also like to be notified by the software about the right moment to contact leads that just became qualified.

Those are some possibilities allowed by sales enablement tools, such as Hubspot CRM, that have a real impact in the way each sales professional works, making the commercial tasks more efficient and increasing the numbers.

3. Invest in good content

Having the right content to show in the right moment, plays an important role in clarifying the lead about your product or service, resulting in a huge difference when it comes the time to close sales. Informing, educating and clarifying leads about your offer is crucial for being useful and relevant when presenting a solution for a problem. Having great content to communicate with leads takes you half way to success when it comes to sales.

4. Better Leads

Better leads is more important than more leads. If the Marketing team is sending to the Sales team a lot of leads that are not yet ready to buy, it's a waste of time for the sales teams and you are also bothering people that are not interested in buying your product or service. Therefore, it is essential to have a good definition of qualified lead, as well as, to have both Marketing and Sales teams well aligned in order to achieve better results.

5. Evaluate the metrics

To understand whether what you’re doing is being well done, and how you can do it better, it's necessary to have metrics to evaluate results. The way in which you’re selling has to be analysed, in order to interpret processes and drive conclusions to achieve more efficiency and productivity. Make sure that you have metrics to measure, such as, the efficacy of the sales funnel, conversions and the number of clicks until conversion. Get enough data to work the information and identify opportunities to improve.

6. Train and monitor

To ensure a good sales performance, it’s important to have the sales people well trained, informed, up-to-date and monitored to make sure they are performing tasks in accordance with what they have learned. Training is useless if the acquired knowledge is not used in the daily activities of the sales team.

7. Inspire and Motivate

The best way to motivate people is by knowing them well. Show to each and every team member that he/she is useful and relevant, and that the success and well-being at work is important and capable of transforming a working group in a real team. The human factor always counts. This being said, it’s crucial to inspire and motivate team members, in order to have a happy, focused and committed team capable of generating good results.


Also very importanto to keep the sales team motivated is to send them many (great) leads. For that, the process starts at the top of the marketing funnel, when lead generation is the focus. 

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