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The impact of GDPR in email marketing: it’s worth it after all!

The impact of GDPR in email marketing: it’s worth it after all!

Six months after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, the benefits of complying with it are already noticeable. After all, there is a reward!

Unlike many companies may think, GDPR has not come to complicate the lives of marketers or the much-needed email marketing campaigns. On the contrary! This is a law that helps you clean up your database and, as a result, will direct your efforts to the right target.

At first you might feel reluctant to follow GDPR, but that is probably because you are not having a long-term vision. It is understandable that you don't feel comfortable deleting all the contacts that did not give consent, but it's better to take a step back, and then give two ahead. Remember, a good leader has to have lynx eyes.

What are the benefits of complying with the GDPR, then? We are sharing with you the success story of BMW, a YouLead customer:

  • Engagement rates never seen before: by complying with GDPR laws, BMW is now communicating to people who really want to be connected to the brand! The end result will be opening rates and amazing conversion rates (BMW's latest e-mail marketing campaign achieved an opening rate of 61.67%!);
  • Customer confidence: Due to the transparency of the approach during the opt-in campaigns, BMW customers are now more loyal to the brand;
  • Increased ROI: Better performance in email marketing campaigns, means more and better conversions. Soon, BMW will have more return on the investments made in email marketing and, ultimately, a better brand image in the market.

It is up to you to have a fully compliant company, but having everything in digital format will take away huge headaches because it will improve your conversion processes while, simultaneously, complying with the GDPR. Say "yes" to the GDPR and enjoy the success of a simple email.

Still unsure? YouLead (and HubSpot) can help you with that!

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