7 ways to Create Amazing Customer Experiences with HubSpot

Great! Your sales qualified lead has gone through all pipeline stages and is moving quickly through your flywheel? Your machine to convert leads into customers has never been so oiled, but now what? Read on to learn how to excel in the delight phase and what forces you can leverage to make every customer interaction a success after purchasing.

Put your customers drawn to your business, by helping and empowering them to reach their goals. 

7 ways to create amazing costumer experience with hubspot

  1. Deliver a self-service Customer Experience

    Self-service CX (Customer Experience) allows you to provide online support to your customers without requiring a human interaction with a sales rep. The most common types of customer self-service include conversational UI or chatbots, FAQs sections, knowledge bases or help centers, and discussion forums.

  2. Go for a proactive Customer Service

    Proactive customer support involves making the first move to help your newest closed deals before they feel they need to reach out to you for help. You can do that either by anticipating and solving customer issues, or by offering supplemental opportunities that will enhance the overall customer experience. 

    Some great examples are feedback surveys, a “Products You May Like” email communication or a customer newsletter. 

    Also, if you aim to reduce customer effort and routine maintenance for your customer success teams, one way to do this is to leverage marketing automation to implement automated scheduling processes, for example, by offering automated or SMS scheduling options.

  3. Always enable omnichannel availability

    HubSpot enables you to offer an omnichannel customer service experience so you can connect and engage with your customers across multiple channels through an integrated CRM platform.

    It’s about meeting customers where they are, when they need you. 

    A great idea for putting the customer first and providing a service that feels authentic is through omni-channel messaging, which integrates email, phone, chat, and Facebook Messenger inputs (feature available on Service Hub). Oh, and quite recently, HubSpot also announced the general availability of WhatsApp integration to help customers form deep connections.

  4. Prioritize incoming requests with a tickets system

    Want to make customers happier with quick responses to tickets sent? With HubSpot, you can have an all-in-one ticketing solution that provides context and method for every customer interaction. Also available on Service Hub, this help desk ticketing system is the perfect tool to help you exceed your SLA (Service Level Agreement) and deliver a delightful CX across the board.

  5. Save time with automated customer onboarding

    Onboarding automation makes it easy to get your newly arrived customers integrated into your business. Just like marketing automation increases marketing and sales productivity, the goal is once again to increase efficiency by automating your entry-level workflows and repetitive tasks, such as training schedules and first day reminders.

    Indeed, the future of customer onboarding is bright, and automated onboarding can help you offer best-in-class service for your customers. While helping your customer support team better prioritize time, it will help you allocate your internal resources wisely and, above all, deliver highly personalized content to get new product users up and running.

  6. Keep a pulse on customer feedback

    You definitely need a feedback tool to truly understand your customers, make them stay with you longer and, ultimately, to spot cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. If you can have it within a connected platform like HubSpot, better. Because customer feedback surveys powered by a 360ª CRM (that powers sales, marketing, support, and all touch points within a single place) are the only way to make sure your customers feel heard and appreciated all along their journey.

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  7. Launch a customer loyalty program

    How easy is it to get real use cases of your service or product effectively solving pain points for your customers? If you're at this stage, your business should now consider some kind of loyalty programs to enroll your most succeeding customers. 

    A few common ways that growing companies use to spread out their reward programs and build customer loyalty are Partner Programs, Referral Programs, Community Programs, VIP Memberships, or simple Points Systems that provide discounts or free trials as an incentive for a variety of customer actions. Once more, marketing automation technology can make tasks simpler and easier for you by simply setting enrollment triggers in the HubSpot workflow tool.


Tips for beginners:

🚀 Structure your first loyalty program based on non-monetary rewards and make it a game

🚀 Explore partnerships to provide even more compelling offers to your customers


Create a better growth path by keeping up with your customers

Because modern-day customers are skeptical, knowledgeable, and have bigger expectations, you should care about more than transactions. And these are all opportunities for your brand to re-engage and delight customers, and also an excellent gateway to acquire new ones.

Companies that align their success with their customers, not only scale, but also manage to meet even the highest customer expectations. After all, customer success is your own success.


Have all these HubSpot goodness made you eager and curious to go beyond the customer experience universe?

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