Revealed: The best time to send emails!

Foi revelado o timing ideal para enviar e-mails!

The secret has been revealed! Find out the optimal email send time in this article and start improving your email marketing performance right now.

It's unavoidable! Every good marketeer resonates with the frustration of sending an email that got absolutely deplorable conversion rates. In fact, it was based on this trial-error method (and also based on many A/B tests!) that we reach an actual conclusion concerning the best day and time to send an email. Labs analyzed over 18 million emails ... et voilá! The numbers were revealed.

Open rates

If your goal is to boost your open rates, try sending your next email marketing campaign between 4pm and 5pm:



Have you invested time producing relevant content for your buyer personas only to see your download rates falling short of expectations? After strategically defining whether to offer your content as gated or ungated, try sending it between 5pm and 6pm:


It is clear that sending emails at 8am is not a good practice to adopt if you want to present optimal results in the next board meeting:


But the mystery does not end here: there are other variables to consider when the purpose is to increase your email marketing performance. And most of them rely heavily on the knowledge you have of your target (for example, whether it's B2C or B2B), so it's crucial that you understand their routines and have the capacity to segment different buyer personas. Only then you can communicate with relevance and personalise your messages.

Subject: less characters, more performance!

We have to admit: it's not easy and involves some creative thinking, but being able to express the subject of your email in just 3 words can be quite significant for your conversion rates. The premise is simple: whatever the subject, go straight to the point!


Tip: Start the subject of your emails with "FWD:". There is no scientific explanation for this statistic, but the difference between using it and not using it has a major impact on open and download rates:


You should only ensure that this tactic does not become too "tricky" and that the email content is actually relevant to whoever is opening it, otherwise the person reading it may no longer trust your brand.

Well, at the end of the day, if you have tried all this and the results are still not expected, your business may need to be more Inbound and less invasive:

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