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B2B SEO: Its Impact On Lead Management Optimization

The power of a good SEO strategy is something only few organizations are able to ignore these days. Being well positioned in search engines is the most effective way to get people who are looking for our services to find us. In addition, it is also typically the cheapest and most durable way.

SEO takes on a predominant dimension in customers acquisition, presenting opportunities to people who are at the top of the sales funnel. In the particular case of B2B companies, SEO is even one of the most sustainable and effective ways to create audiences, generate leads and, ultimately, convert them into customers.

In B2B segment, the purchase process begins frequently with a generic search. Besides, it is natural that, when that search is made, that person isn’t ready to buy anything yet. He/she is just looking for information or tools that can help him/her to solve some problem.

This means that a good SEO strategy in B2B segment – your website and landing pages content – should not be built with the goal of converting immediately visitors into clients. Instead, they must establish your brand in visitors’ memories and transmit some knowledge and authority in your business are, generating positive associations over time.

Tips to attract leads via B2B SEO:

  1. Take time to understand who your audiences are (your buyer personas);
  2. Create useful and relevant content that meets your buyer personas’ needs;
  3. Give them something that is valuable – in exchange for their emails – and there you have your leads.

A SEO strategy takes some time to develop and has no immediate results. However, results in the long run reveal consistency and usually compensate all the involved efforts.

It’s a fact that, in B2B segment, SEO is rarely the main reason why leads convert into customers. This is due to the fact that sales cycle in these business areas is longer and has more touch points. Still, it is undeniable that good SEO improves and enhances the whole process.

This happens, not just because SEO increases the volume of opportunities in awareness stages, mas also because it can provide useful data on keywords and content patterns that can be an important asset for sales.

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