INBOUND 2022: Key Takeaways & Hottest Features

It's been over a month since INBOUND 2022 - HubSpot's first-ever hybrid event, and you're still not up to date with the latest features, products and announcements?
This article is for you.

INBOUND 2022 Key Takeaways & Hottest Features

Key takeaways from C-level

In its 2022 edition, the must-attend event for agency owners and marketing profs has brought together specialized talent from over 160 countries across marketing, sales, customer success and revenue operations.

HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan quickly set the tone for the conference and gave voice to the high-priority challenges of today's businesses - building meaningful relationships and meeting real customer needs. That said, consider these the key takeaways from HubSpot's executive team opening speech:

  1. As businesses question the efficacy of traditional marketing, they’re looking for new ways to reach customers

  2. With hybrid working schedule being the norm, it’s harder for both employees and customers to build relationships the way they used to

  3. Fragmented systems, data, and the huge effort involved to integrate everything is overwhelming

  4. Digital fatigue makes it harder than ever for customers to communicate accurately

    These two we gladly decided to add:

  5. HubSpot is getting more and more connected with B2B eCommerce

  6. The two areas that stood out with major improvements were payment functionality and data quality and management

HubSpot goodness: The hottest features

Ready to dive deep into the latest and most exciting changes in HubSpot and to get the most out of your marketing automation software in 2023? For a better understanding, you can find the hottest features broken down into the four main suites of engagement hubs - CRM Suite (completely free), Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Operations Hub - with various features, extras and add-ons that fall under Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans.


🚀 CRM Suite

  • New feature: Right Sidebar Configuration
    Benefits: Now you can customize the right and left sidebar and introduce conditional logic to show only relevant cards to different teams.
    Plan availability: Professional+ plans

  • New feature: New Activity Types and Configurable Buttons
    Benefits: Log customer connection activities from SMS, LinkedIn Message, WhatsApp, and Physical Mail and capture a complete view of your customer’s activity.
    Plan availability: All free plans

  • New feature: Board Card Configuration
    Benefits: Admins can now select up to four properties to display on board cards of all pipeline objects - deals, tickets, and custom objects. You’ll get a complete and customized view of your customer at every deal stage.
    Plan availability: Default board properties available on Free+, and customizable properties by pipeline are available on Professional+

  • New feature: Records Overview Tab
    Benefits: See critical information on a new overview tab on all records by configuring the layout and which properties are shown. Once more, you can also set up conditional logic to show different data to different teams.
    Plan availability: All free plans

🚀 Marketing Hubhubspot-Marketing-hub-1

  • New feature: WhatsApp Business Account Integration
    Benefits: Connect with customers and prospects on the messaging channel of their choice. All conversations will be visible on the contact record, offering a single source of data for sales reps.
    Plan availability: Marketing, Service Hub Pro & Enterprise

  • New feature: Campaigns 2.0
    Benefits: Allow your entire team to align strategy and tactics along the buyer's journey and understand how to drive engagement and campaign optimization at every touch point.
    Plan availability: Marketing Hub Pro & Enterprise

  • New feature: Customer Journey Analytics
    Benefits: Visualize your customer’s entire end-to-end journey and get deep insights into the touchpoints that resulted in conversions. This brand new visualization format enables your team to report on buyer’s journeys and optimize processes that usually result in lost deals.
    Plan availability: Marketing Hub Enterprise

  • New feature: Ad Conversion Events
    Benefits: Enter a cookieless, privacy-first world that enables you to fully realize all first party data to target, report, and optimize without needing to use cookies. First available on LinkedIn, but other platforms and coming later this year.
    Plan availability: Marketing Hub Pro+

 🚀 Sales Hubhubspot-sales-hub-1

  • New feature: Inbound Calling
    Benefits: Sales reps can now receive inbound calls or make outbound calls on their personal phones without divulging their personal phone number. All transcriptions will live in your CRM. 
    Plan availability: Sales & Service Hub Starter+

  • New feature: Custom Goals
    Benefits: Set, track, and manage performance by setting specific goals to your account. Once you set or update the goal, the performance bar will automatically track how close each sales rep or team is to hitting that goal. Notifications can be set based on setting, achieving, exceeding, and missing goals. 
    Plan availability: Sales & Service Hub Enterprise

  • New feature: Deal Management
    Benefits: Accessing a new goals app with better integrated forecasting and improved deal management experiences.
    Plan availability: Sales & Service Hub Professional

🚀 Operations HubHubSpot-Operations-Hub

  • New feature: Product Sync
    Benefits: Reduced complexity while enabling to run a product data sync bidirectionally. Choose from over 20 third-party apps to connect to your HubSpot product library.
    Plan availability: Free & Starter 

  • New feature: Invoice Sync
    Benefits: Sync invoices one-way from third-party apps, such as Quickbooks, Dynamics 365, Netsuite, and more. Deliver revenue-powered marketing, sales, and service strategies. 
    Plan availability: Free & Starter 

  • New feature: Data Sync Health
    Benefits: HubSpot has added a new tab called “Sync Health'' that shows which integrations are in sync, excluded from sync, or failing to sync. The real game changer is moving from a reactive to a proactive approach that actively notices and solves data issues.
    Plan availability: Free & Starter

HubSpot’s new features are building a path to an even more integrated platform that will help you delight customers through connected, customized experiences so they feel known and valued from awareness to advocacy stages. Find out all freshly announced and upcoming features here

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