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Ok, but why Inbound?

Ok, but why Inbound?

Why is Inbound so important? Why is it growing non stop? What does it actually mean for your business and your team?

Inbound is growing. Not that it is still small, but its expansion, globally, has not stopped. We are constantly hearing that outbound is outdated and that Inbound is the right way for any company that wants a sustainable and profitable marketing strategy.

Yes, Inbound adds value, it's selfless, educates, attracts instead of interrupting, provides a more human experience, but why is it more attractive to the consumer? Why not a simple outbound experience, which reaches the consumer without them having to ask for it? It's way more effortless for them. What does Inbound actually add and why is it such a trend?


1. Consumers ask for it
The outbound strategy worked for years in a low noise context. People were not bombarded with publicity as they are today, and if publicity was once useful, today it is deafening.

Inbound rises to help the consumer, reduce noise, target audiences. In short, it stops interrupting those who do not want to be interrupted and meets those who really see value in the product or service in question.


2. The Board wants it
Although human, Inbound is also highly mathematical. Continuous data collection and evaluation is crucial for the constant optimization. Developing a strategy is not enough, it's necessary to base it on statistical data and to develop an information bank with the results obtained during the campaigns developed to justify future actions.

Thus, it is not only possible to optimize the ROI, but predict it in relation to the investment required. Music to the ears of the Administration.


3. Your Marketing team needs it
When using Inbound, it is crucial to have a good Marketing Automation foundation that helps the Marketing team dispatch daily tasks, freeing up more time for strategic planning and delivering value. Platforms like HubSpot are ideal for helping teams develop customized campaigns automatically. Contradictory? Not if you have the right tools at your disposal.


4. Your business wins
Not all business areas are a good fit for Inbound. This is a strategy which goal is to establish a relationship of trust between businesses and their customers, and, while this is always relevant, it doesn't always have a substantial impact on the capitalization of the business. The B2B scenario, for instance, normally involves highly priced products/services that imply some serious consideration in the path to purchasing, meaning leads need to be nurtured - this is a typical case for the adoption of an Inbound strategy.


Do you know how Inbound Marketing can help you in 2020?
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