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Increasing an international insurance company's sales revenue funnel by 5% through successful Marketing Automation strategies


Fidelidade Seguros was founded in the year 1808, and is currently Portugal's largest insurance company having over 6 million clients to date. As part of its international activities, Fidelidade is also present in several other Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.


The brand was interested in understanding modern consumer behavior and is committed to improving their digital presence. By the time of our first contact, Fidelidade was providing to their leads the opportunity of simulating insurance plans on their website, by introducing real-time online simulators for each type of insurance plans (automotive, health, home plans, etc.).

Fidelidade provided Youlead with the challenge of finding new ways of optimizing their online business performance, and increasing ROI results.


YouLead reviewed their marketing processes, analyzed current data, proposed better marketing performance through reversed funnels, and managed to build a complete strategic plan to grow their business. The goal was to increase their overall revenue, by gathering more completed simulations, encouraging interaction, and refining communication processes.

After discussing the project's priorities, it was decided to start by investing in the automotive insurance services as the first step.

YouLead created a varied set of assets to generate more traffic, personalize the experience, and improve the simulator performance by implemented the following:

  • “Exit-intent” Popups - these popups would be displayed when a user attempts to navigate away from the simulation page, with the purpose of convincing them to leave their email so we could save their simulation and send it to them via email.

  • Personalized “exit-intent” popups - these popups would have the same intent as the popup mentioned above, only displaying the first name and the car brand logo of each lead, any time they would get to a point in the simulation where the lead had shared that information.

  • "Return to your simulation” campaigns - automated email campaigns that would be triggered each time a lead would start the simulation without finishing it. This campaign would send a chain of emails to the lead, convincing each of them to return to the simulation page, check its results and, eventually, complete the simulation.

  • Smart content within banners - each time a visitor would return to the website, we would adapt the main banner to show his/her car brand, any time we had that information on our side.


To measure this project's performance, YouLead had to create validation tests through audience segmentation.

With that in mind, a control group was set (a collection of contacts that would randomly represent a small percentage of leads) which would not see or receive the new assets.

Aside from the control group, the new optimization assets would be live for any lead entering the site (our experimental group).


The automation assets went live around March 2021 and from then on, we repeatedly measured each group’s performance. As expected, the experimental group results were substantially higher in terms of concluded simulations, compared to the control group.


From March to August, we have reported:
  • An increase of 23% of “website visitors” that concluded the simulation
  • An increase of 5% of “website visitors” purchasing the insurance product


The client was satisfied with the results. Our agency is now in the process of implementing more complexity to the automotive model and, also, extending it to other insurance products.

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