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How can a Digital Marketing Consultancy help your company

It's not new that digital technologies have been changing the business of almost all industries. Whether we talk about the emergence of purely digital businesses or the adoption of digital strategies in businesses whose operation does not reside online, the truth is that digital marketing has been gaining an increasingly broad scope. 

In this context, companies can choose to develop their marketing efforts internally or to outsource this area to an external consultant. In this article, we'll understand what is the scope of a digital marketing consultancy and what it can do for your company.

What is a digital marketing consultancy?

A digital marketing consultancy is a specialized company that can offer several services to help its customers to place themselves in the digital universe. These services can range from the analysis of the companies' current digital strategy to the proposal of strategies and tactics that aim to meet business goals, including the monitoring and optimization of those same strategies.  

Typically, a digital marketing consultancy specializes in its area of ​​activity, having know-how and knowledge about the latest trends and best practices in the sector. In this way, it is able to propose to its customers the most relevant and effective actions to achieve the established goals. 

All companies want their investments and digital initiatives to be successful. Therefore, a digital marketing partner can be an important asset when organizations lack the resources, knowledge and time to keep abreast of the trends and best marketing practices that allow them to achieve these results.

What can a digital marketing consultancy do?

A digital marketing consultancy must understand the strategic goals of her client, propose the best strategies to meet those goals, define which tactics and channels are used, and eventually, operationalize what was proposed. 

Thus, a consulting company may have skills like strategic marketing, web development, content production, social media management, paid campaigns creation and much more.

Additionally, they can address critical aspects for the digital growth of companies, such as:

1 - Website

A consultancy can assess the best technology to build your website or analyze the performance of an existing website and find opportunities for improvement. This will allow you not only to develop a website that represents your brand but also attractive to its visitors, functional and that increases conversions.   

2 - Digital Strategy

The consulting firm can analyze the “state of the art” of your company's strategy and help you to make a 360º marketing plan based on a detailed study of the target market, your competitors, your strategic keywords, buyer personas and your business goals.      

After that, it's necessary to define which channels must be used to implement this plan: a blog, social media, paid media campaigns, email marketing, among others. 

3 - Sales Strategy

The sales strategy can never be dissociated from the marketing strategy and there must be a clear alignment between the two departments (aka "Smarketing"), so that the actions of both contribute to achieving common business goals.

In this sense, a digital marketing consultancy company can (and should) play an active role in defining the commercial strategy, which can often be affected, streamlined and optimized by marketing actions.

4 - Performance Evaluation

All previous actions are irrelevant if we don't properly evaluate and measure the metrics that define the success of a project/business. And digital technologies have brought an unprecedented opportunity to watch marketing actions in detail. 

For this reason, the analysis of the performance of the tactics performed is an important aspect that a digital marketing consultancy should do for your company.

5 - Technological Tools

Digital marketing (and digital transformation from a broader point of view) is closely related to technology. There are hundreds of technological tools available to marketers and that can be useful for SEO, social media management, online advertising management, creating websites and blogs, sending email marketing campaigns… in short, the possibilities are several. And having a digital marketing consultancy can help you find the platforms that best fit your business needs.  

In YouLead, we recommend HubSpot, which integrates in a single tool all the needed functionalities for your digital marketing strategy (as well as sales and customer service). 

In short, carrying out an effective digital marketing strategy can be challenging for many companies, whether due to a lack of availability, resources or knowledge. In these cases, using the services of a digital marketing consultancy can be an important asset

Fell free to contact us if you need help of a specialized digital marketing agency!

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