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INBOUND 2021: What's new in HubSpot

On October 12, 13 and 14 YouLead participated in INBOUND 2021, an annual initiative organized by HubSpot and which is one of the largest marketing conferences in the world.

This conference, which has been running for over 10 years, attracts thousands of participants worldwide and since last year, due to the pandemic, it has been a fully online experience.

Over these three days we had the opportunity to attend dozens of sessions led by speakers from companies such as HubSpot, LinkedIn, Shopify, Amazon Web Services, Vidyard, Zapier, among many others.

INBOUND 2021 is also an exciting moment in which HubSpot presents the newest features of the platform. Find out with us what they are!

New features from HubSpot

1 - Payment Tool

HubSpot has developed, natively in the platform, a payments tool to meet the growing needs of e-commerce businesses (or all businesses looking to improve their customers' experience by enabling online shopping).

This functionality will allow you to include payment links in emails, in commercial proposals (quotes), on pages of a website or in livechats. This way, companies will be able to sell their products/services more easily, without having to direct customers to external payment systems, thus reducing friction at such a crucial moment of the customer's buying journey.

HubSpot Payments is still in beta and, for now, only available in the US.

2 - Customer Portals

This new functionality, allocated to the Service Hub module, allows customers to manage their customer service experience with a particular company. In practice, customers will be able to view and manage tickets, explore the knowledge base, thus monitoring all interactions with the company centrally in a single place.

On the company side, these portals can be customized with their respective branding (logo and brand colours).

Like the payments functionality, the customer portals are also still in beta.

In parallel, HubSpot users will also have at their disposal more customized templates for satisfaction surveys (NPS, CES and CSAT).

3 - Operations Hub Enterprise

Back in April 2021 HubSpot announced the new Operations Hub, at the time available with Starter and Professional licenses, and now it will also be available in an Enterprise version.

The main goal of Operations Hub is to provide organizations with more specific needs in terms of data storage and communication with a more flexible tool that allows them to manage their data without friction.

Operations Hub Enterprise will include business intelligence (BI) tools called datasets, contributing to faster and more consistent reporting and access to useful information for data-driven decision-making.

4 - Sandboxes for Enterprise Accounts

Having a test environment is key to experimenting and testing processes without impacting the current processes and the existing real data in HubSpot.

For this reason, Enterprise customers will now have access to sandboxes, test accounts in which they can test workflows, integrations, build pages or explore any other tools without any harm to the customer experience.


Ensuring a good customer experience, consistently and frictionlessly, is one of HubSpot's main priorities. It is with this purpose that all these updates and improvements are frequently incorporated into the platform: so that the organizations that use it are in a better position to provide increasingly relevant experiences to their customers.

From our part, and as platinum partners of HubSpot in Portugal, it is always inspiring to be part of INBOUND and follow closely all the evolution of this powerful CRM platform.

Want to know how to develop your business with these and other features of HubSpot? Do not hesitate to talk to us.

Content originally published in november 2021.

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