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6 Signs That Reveal It's Time to Bet on Lead Nurturing

Lead Nutring

In an ideal world an online purchase would work as this: a user searches online for a product or service he need, finds the right content on the search engines and accesses the site or blog, downloads an e-book, get the information he need, and purchase. This is a goal, but we are not yet living in an ideal world.

This is one of the reasons we should use Lead Nurturing to help you get closer to this "Ideal World"

What is Lead Nurturing?

A process that allows you to create relationships with potential customers in the various phases of the purchase cycle. One Keyword - Customization -. The objective is to stimulate the purchase by providing accurate content, appropriate to each phase of the "buying journey", encouraging the progression of the phase-to-phase lead, until it becomes a customer. Lead Nurturing focuses on creating solutions to purchase barriers that leads can find, gaining the lead's confidence.

A marketing automation software is the appropriate response to implement a Lead Nurturing program. In order to be able to analyze user behaviors on the website during the purchase cycle, and to be able to respond in a customized way to the needs of information and content. Giving answers, clarifying doubts, encouraging the purchase.

Is it time to implement a Lead Nurturing program? See if you identify with one or more of the following points.

1 - I want to monetize my leads

Each lead counts. But not all leads will prove to be important to the company. Therefore it is necessary to separate potential leads from the rest. Identify the leads that show the most interest through your digital behavior on the website and the interaction they have with the content. You can set behavioral patterns and create a workflow, which helps determine indicative actions of interest from leads.

2 - I want to free the sales team so they focus on qualified leads

Certainly having a busy sales team with leads in the initial purchase process or with administrative tasks is a waste of time. In the early stages of the buying cycle, the potential customer will look for information for you, and look for relevant content that helps you gain insight into the product or service you want so it may be too early for a business conversation.
In addition, salespeople often spend too much time organizing leads and follow-ups, which can be done through automation, thus freeing up time to devote to their sales functions, tracking the most qualified leads and closing Business.

3 - I have specialized content to share

In any inbound marketing strategy, having good content is critical. Creating content with certainty that are relevant and useful to buyer personas is essential to ensure the success of an inbound marketing strategy because they are the way to educate current and potential customers about our products and services.

These are the same contents that are needed for a marketing strategy with a Lead Nurturing program. Take advantage and improve the specialized contents and share them at the right time, in a personalized way and appropriate to the stage of the process of buying the leads.

4 - I have my target audience

Different products and services, different audiences, different buyer people. Segmenting is essential to ensure the success of good communication. If you have segmented audiences, you can create and communicate personalized content tailored to the different needs of each audience. A Lead Nurturing program helps you in targeted communication.

5 - I need to be more notorious and create more involvement with my audience

A Lead Nurturing program with automated communication, delivers content through lead interactions on the website or through the desired frequency, creating a constant relationship with the audience. Bet good content - relevant to your buyer personas - and you will certainly have a more involved audience with your brand, who will remember you when you have to opt for a product or service.

6 - I need to know more about my buyer people

Lead Nurturing emails are a great way to get to know our audience. By sending emails with different types of content, you can evaluate your audience's responsiveness to them and begin to identify which content works best for a given audience by analyzing open and click rates on emails, and conversion and purchase rates.

These are some of the signs that show that it is time to bet on Lead Nurturing. Contact us to know how you can get started!

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