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The Big 4 Marketing Trends of 2020

The Big 4 Marketing Trends of 2020

For 2019, we expect to watch the growth of live video, new SEO techniques and more developments in Artificial Intelligence. What about 2020, what can we count on?

In these days , it is almost impossible to talk about marketing and not mention Digital Marketing. It is no longer a trend, but a component of the area, a cause of technological and social evolution of recent years.

The consumer is increasingly dependent on technology and has become accustomed to accessible and fast information. Do you already know the tools you have at your disposal to deal with this type of customer in this new and complex world?


1. Scientific Marketing
Data analysis and Big Data are no longer new trends, but their importance keeps increasing. The need to know how to collect and interpret data (especially for predicting consumer behavior) will be noticed not only in the tasks performed by the marketing department, but also in the CMOs themselves, which will increasingly have a background in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.


2. Voice Search
From search engines, to Siris and Alexas, Voice Search is increasingly popular and its share on online search is growing. Optimizing for this type of search engine is increasingly important and requires a keyword redesign that places more emphasis on long-tails.


3. Internet of Things (IoT)
The concept of IoT, the internet of things, is a little complex, but it is already visible (for example, it is possible to buy a fridge that prepares the shopping list). As with augmented reality, this type of technological innovation is very recent and still little explored by Marketing, which gives advantage to those who explore it first. Be creative and dazzle the world!


4. Inbound Experiences
In a world where there are plenty of alternatives and options, it is crucial to stand out from your competition through Consumer Experience. Despite the segmentation, everyday life is saturated with noisy advertising, so lowering the volume and providing more relevant and educational experiences is going to be crucial.

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