5 Tips To Improve Lead Generation On Your Website

The process of capturing consumers’ attention online is increasingly complex, as they are less permeable to ads and more selective regarding the content they read, download and purchase.

Consequently, lead generation becomes more challenging and demanding. Organizations, and marketers, must provide experiences and content that meet exactly  their target’s needs: only by adding value to the consumer he will be willing to proactively listen to what you have to say.

For that reason, offering eBooks, webinars and blog posts is no longer enough. You need to do it in a relevant, efficient and, above all, creative way. Besides, there are other factors that can contribute to a greater effectiveness in lead generation on your website. Find out which ones.

  • Placing CTAs (Call-to-Action) strategically:

The placement of CTAs (call-to-action buttons) on your website pages has a strong impact on the number of leads it generates for your business.

Several studies show that people read web pages starting in the upper left corner and then reading from left to right, following the shape of the letter F. This information is important because CTAs must be placed in strategic places that people look at naturally.

Still, keep in mind that what works in one case may not work in others. That is why it is important to test different positions of CTAs and draw conclusions from these results.


  • Using pop-ups correctly:

Pop-ups can be considered intrusive but the truth is that, if used properly - and, specially, useful -, they are an important element in a lead generation strategy.

Use inbound pop-ups, that is, pop-ups that offer some kind of relevant and appealing content in exchange for the personal data you want to obtain from your visitors.

Align this offer with the page content on which pop-up is placed and, above all, ensure that it will add some value to those whom it appears.


  • Adding anchor texts to other blog posts:

Anchor text CTA is a text line that can be included in blog posts as a headline and directs to a landing page related with the article content.

This anchor text is one of the first things that catches the attention of the readers and it works well thanks to its relevance, because it satisfies visitors’ needs. For that reason, place these anchor text CTAs between the first paragraphs of your blog post.


  • Creating a sequence of related blog posts when launching campaigns:

To promote a new campaign you can create a launch blog post and then a series of other follow-up blog posts that are relevant to this campaign.

This means that, on the one hand, existing audiences receive more content related to the offer and, on the other hand, the offer potentially reaches broader audiences.

  • Use social media for lead generation:

Social media can be a valuable – and inexpensive – means for lead generation. Therefore, they should be used to promote new blog posts, expanding their reach.

Use social media to share new articles or even to direct your followers to landing pages with some offers/content that may be shared to a wider audience.


Are you having any trouble implementing these strategies? Contact us and we’ll help you optimizing lead generation in your website pages.

You can also review this article with other tips on how your website can become a lead generation machine.

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