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Lead Nurturing - The Machine to Convert Leads into Customers


Lead nurturing is part of a process, which when executed properly increases the effectiveness of your inbound marketing campaigns. The most common problem that companies face is when they try to implement a lead nurturing program and do not know how to properly set up the campaign structure.

Lead Nurturing is a tactic that lets you take advantage of content to "nurture" your audience, and with this, you have a better control how turn leads into customers.

For example, your business might be having trouble knowing how to generate qualified leads through online channels. You may have trouble targeting your leads to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Whatever the case, in this article we will help you assemble the pieces of the puzzle.

Premium Content;

Before nurturing the leads, that is, before implementing a nurturing program, we must first generate leads.

So, here's the $ 1 million question: "How to generate qualified leads?"

Welcome to the world of premium content.

Premium content can be:
  • ebooks
  • whitepapers
  • infographics
  • webinars
  • videos

And much more.

Premium content is a type of digital content of high educational value that aims to attract and convert potential customers. Unlike blog articles, which can be read without giving personal information, premium content offerings give you the opportunity to turn your website visitors into marketing leads by requesting data in exchange for some rich content.

For example, create a free ebook for download on your website/blog.

It will offer this free ebook to people in exchange for the data, such as name, email and other optional fields (eg, phone, demographics).

It is an win win situation.

Through premium content, your business can capture the contact details of people who are interested in the content you are creating. This is how it converts visitors into leads.

→ But where do these leads put their data to download premium content?

Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page that lets you capture visitor data through a form and without vanishing points (like links to other pages).

It is common that a big part of companies has at least one landing page, which is usually some form of "Contact Us" form. The visitor can put his contact information to know more information, ask a question, and be contacted by the company.

If this type of landing page is the only point of contact the visitor has with your website, it is probably not reaching your lead generation goals.

This premium content should be placed on landing pages that are well thought out and designed to facilitate the conversion of the visitor into a lead, that is, for the visitor to fill out the form with the incentive that they will download the content.

By offering premium content, you're creating more contact points to generate leads (convert leads to leads).

→ But how do visitors get to the landing page to download content?


CTA stands for call-to-action. A CTA is a button, banner, or any other type of image or text on a web page, social network or email message, which contains some action for the person to take, such as "click here", "download now" "sign up", among others.

CTAs are the best way to get your visitor's attention and get you to your landing page.

CTAs and landing pages work in line to promote your premium content.

A call-to-action directs the attention of the user to the offer on the landing page, which clearly presents the benefits to the visitor, and what they will receive when submitting their data on the form to receive the offer.

If you want to see a CTA in action, pay attention to the end of this article. The CTA, in this case is, a button, but could also be a text link.

Note that the design and positioning of the call to actions should be well thought out and implemented to meet their lead generation and lead nurturing goals. Run A/B tests to see what color suits better, our in what position have more clicks

exemples of an Call To Action button
(CTA Examples)

→ But how do you communicate with leads after clicking on the CTA, visiting the landing page and downloading premium content?

E-mail marketing

Your nurturing strategy does not end when the visitor becomes a lead (by completing the form to receive the offer).

This is just the beginning of "nurturing."

From here, you should create a customized email marketing campaign program to follow-up the premium content that people downloaded.

To do this, you can create a multi-channel email marketing campaign to match every premium content you make available on your website/blog.

So any leads that download some specific content will be placed in the type of emails for that particular campaign.

For example, if a visitor downloads our inbound marketing guide, that visitor is placed in a nurturing program associated with the "inbound marketing" campaign, and will receive content related to that theme over time.

This approach allows you to present your content, by email, in a personalized way, according to the interest of the people, increasing the relevance to the subscriber, which in turn increases the conversion rates.

Keep this in mind when creating nurturing email campaigns:

  1. Quantity - Avoid bombarding your newly conquered leads with a series of emails. The goal is to create a long-term relationship with people, so 3 or 4 follow-up emails are enough.
  2. Frequency - Consider the timing of the emails you send. Do not bother people with multiple emails in a short time. A simple thank-you email can be sent after you download your content, and other future follow-up emails can be spread over the next few days and weeks.
  3. Content - Your emails should add value to your leads and not just promote your product or service. Each email must have links to content that adds value to the subscriber and that complements the original premium content downloaded.

The goal is to get people along your sales funnel through your content so that with this "Nurturing" you can convert the leads into customers.

To pay attention

For this process to succeed, each of the elements must be executed correctly. Measure your results and see what you can do better. For only in this way can you refine your efforts to increase conversion rates and grow your business.

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