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How to Eliminate Friction from Your Communication


Accept this challenge: communicate without disturbing

The digital world has brought endless power to users in producing content of all shapes and forms.

This expansion of communication for all and to all, was naturally taken advantage of by companies, who saw a huge opportunity to sell their products and services through the possibility of interacting directly with the customer ou potential one.
Until recently, this was the model that prevailed in the digital world, a huge mailbox where companies easily filled up with their digital advertising brochures.

Do you know what happens to most of this digital advertising? Trash!

Yes, I know ... Right now you're thinking "I do this with the digital advertising I receive"!

This was the behavior of the brands for many years, that with the marketing one-to-one tried to start to do something different, more personalized, however based on criteria by itself very little precise.

Defining the target based on purely demographic criteria, or tastes, was and still is a strategy used by many companies to impact who they seek.

Again, what is the result of this way of communicating? Guaranteed better than its primordial, but still without great results. And Why?

Both are outbound marketing strategies where the consumer is impacted with content that the brand believe their customers wants, and at the time that the brand thinks is the best.

This way of interacting with the customer, which brands call communication, is nothing more than nothing but intrusion. This is where friction arises.

What is friction?

According to Facebook (who would say!) Consumers are "tired" of being troubled with content they do not want, and that causes them to abandon the process of buying, consulting that they are performing. This friction is making companies, instead of reaching the communication goals they plan, losing opportunities.

Therefore, friction is what companies have to eliminate or reduce in their interactions with their target.

One of the most evolved marketing techniques in this aspect is Inbound Marketing, which differs from the other approaches by communicating not with targets, but with people. A small change but that makes all the difference.

Why this can make a huge impact?

Because a persona is previously studied, characterized and delineated. Inbound Marketing will ensure that content is desired by those who read it, not "impinged" as in traditional marketing.

Adopt a Frictionless marketing. Eliminate the friction or friction that push communication often causes.

In short, adopt a strategy focused on your ideal consumer. Use Personas.

Communication must have the persona at the base of everything, and in this way we are reducing the friction effect to the maximum, increasing the odds of success: selling our products or services and satisfying our customers.

Less friction, better competition! #goinbound

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