Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales

The buyer has changed. He's more digital. And has your sales team's approach changed too? 



What is Inbound Sales and how does it help your business?

Inbound Sales is a sales process that follows the customer through their "buying journey". The modern buyer is already autonomous in searching for the digital information needed to make his decision. Sales teams must keep up with this transformation of sales to carry out more personalized processes that impact the customer. Organizations must change their sales strategies to serve the buyer and not the seller.

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blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) serviços-imgs-marketing-azul

The Inbound Sales methodology


Guide to Inbound Sales



Most buyers are already at the "need recognition" stage before they contact a salesperson. Inbound sales teams prioritize these active buyers over passive ones. Active buyers are those prospects interested in your product or service who may have already visited your website, filled out a form, or engaged in some other digital behaviour that indicates their interest. 


Traditional sales teams use unsolicited phone calls (cold calls) and messages with the same sales content (scripts) to try to attract the buyer. Inbound sales teams leave a message customized to the context of the buyer.



The exploration phase focuses on the customer's challenges and problems. Challenges are usually linked to objectives, timetables and budgets. Knowing this data is extremely important to put together a proposal that makes sense.


Inbound sales teams advise their leads, and your proposal is clearly positioned with the buyer's context. You need to demonstrate that your proposal and timelines are aligned with the buyer's challenges, goals and decision timelines.



The HubSpot platform is an important part of the Inbound Sales methodology because it enables sales teams to empower themselves through process automation and the use of productivity tools. HubSpot will be able to send notifications when a lead opens an email with a proposal, when they consult a website page with pricing, or when there is other digital behavior, allowing sales teams to be uniquely positioned to close deals. 
HubSpot Sales platform enables these teams to be armed with the best tools to manage their sales process. 


Align Marketing and Sales (Smarketing)

It has never been so important to align marketing with sales (SMarketing = Sales + Marketing). The time when each one lived independently and with almost no interaction is over. The marketing and sales funnel is increasingly unified.
The responsibility for meeting goals is shared, lead passage (and what a qualified lead consists of) is aligned, content development is distributed, and processes are integrated. The customer cannot have one experience with your marketing and a completely different one with your sales.
That's why the Inbound methodology is, from the ground up, aligned between marketing and sales.

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