Benefits and Limitations of Inbound vs. Growth Marketing

While it may seem daunting trying to keep up with all the exploding technology trends and marketing automation softwares, it’s important that you can recognize the ones you really need to jump on if you’re on a roadmap to transform your business into a relentless selling machine. Today we’ll give you a brief overview of how Inbound Marketing and Growth Marketing can work together to help you achieve that milestone.

Growth Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs. Growth Marketing

Here's an interesting finding from a quick comparison between Inbound Marketing and Growth Marketing - they are incredibly compatible. While they may seem like completely opposite strategies, they become a supercharged lead conversion tool when put together. A tool that not only generates the money you need to return to owners, investors and shareholders today, but also nurtures a profit zone for tomorrow's business.

The showdown in a nutshell

Inbound Marketing uses buyer personas as a top customer profiling technique to make sure a company is providing the right content for a prospect at the different stages of their decision making process.

Growth Marketing gives priority to growth hacking strategies - such as referral programs, brand partnerships or freemium offers - experimenting with different channels simultaneously, side by side with a "test and learn" approach to determine how best to optimize marketing spends.


Different roads, same destination

Inbound Marketing is a must for building long-term, sustainable growth over a period of time. It's perfect for building trust and giving potential customers the opportunity to learn about your brand and offerings before they buy.

Growth Marketing is more scientific and is built around rapid experimentation to come up with the most effective way to achieve short-term business growth. It's great for testing new strategies in record time, just long enough to determine which ones have the best chance of success.


Developing an effective conversion strategy

The ideal conversion strategy combines Inbound Marketing and Growth Marketing to get the best of both worlds: rapid short-term growth and sustainable long-term bounties. Bridging the gap between the two approaches means you can leverage the results of your growth hacking and leverage them in your marketing automation and email marketing campaigns for maximum ROI.

Here’s 5 upscale tips to craft a conversion strategy that actually works:

  • Start to define both short and long term goals

  • Get rid of shots in the dark, go data-driven either ways

  • Use website data to achieve intent-driven personalization 

  • Move common personalization to algorithmically-driven content

  • Find out which interactive content can double conversions

  • Always make long-term your top performing approach

How Marketing Automation can help you with scalable growth

By now you probably get the idea - combining the individual power of both Inbound Marketing and Growth Marketing can unlock the ability to boost conversions and capitalize on marketing efforts a thousandfold. It's not about comparison and it’s definitely not about making the switch for one strategy, but for both.

As for moving things into action, it’s crucial that you let your inbound marketers, growth hackers and martech partners get focused on meaningful and creative tasks, rather than wasting their time doing repetitive and time-consuming activities. That’s where marketing automation technology comes in - to simplify and automate processes and to help your team create delightful customer experiences while having a delightful time doing it.


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