HubSpot and its Artificial Intelligence tools

There is still some unawareness and confusion regarding terms such as: artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.To help in this process of demystification, of what it actually is and how it can help companies improve their marketing, sales and even customer service actions, in this article we will address the topic of artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a program, controlled by a computer, to perform tasks, learn and solve problems intelligently. This technology is based on the principle of simulating human reasoning and can be applied to various industries to improve various areas of business.

But in practical terms, what does artificial intelligence mean in the business context?

To answer this question we will focus on two areas that we consider fundamental to any area of business: marketing and sales. Using, of course, the specific example of HubSpot.

4 ways to use HubSpot's artificial intelligence in order to optimize your relationship with customers

1. Chatbots with machine learning 

Traditional chatbots that rely on a closed decision tree are already widely used in the market. However, if your application is not properly thought out, it can create discomfort in the user for not getting their questions answered.

The solution? Chatbots with AI and machine learning. You may have some doubts about the benefit and whether they really have the ability to help your customers, but keep this in mind: consumers today are already comfortable requesting an Uber through Alexa or entrusting their professional schedule to Siri. So it's not a completely unfamiliar concept to consumers.

2. Personalization of the user experience

For marketing managers isn't new that creating personalized experiences leads to conversion. Through machine learning it is possible to personalize not only experiences but also the communication we have with different customer profiles. An example of this personalization is the case of Netflix. This platform recommends content based on consumer interaction and history.

The success of brands will increasingly pass not through the segmentation of communication, but through the personalization of the user experience (products, services and ads) based on the personal interests of each one of the consumers.

3. Automation

Technology applied to business is useful to help get tasks done faster, more efficiently and less expensively. Through machine learning, artificial intelligence helps companies automate tasks, streamlining processes and thus speeding up results. Chatbots exemplify this perfectly since, in addition to eliminating human error, they optimize.

4. Advanced data analysis

The essence of artificial intelligence is its ability to detect behavioral patterns by interpreting data. The complexity of these patterns would make any human take days to identify them. This improvement in data analysis, made possible through machine and deep learning, makes it possible to predict other patterns and even future situations.

Better marketing results bring more sales and customer satisfaction

One of the pillars supporting digital transformation in businesses is the way they relate to their customers. Artificial intelligence, as we mentioned above, acts in this very sense.

Using artificial intelligence is not only possible to increase customer loyalty rates, but also to support brands in the optimization of their marketing efforts in order to attract new customers.

Although one continues to think that artificial intelligence is something that is far from the reality of companies in Portugal, the truth is that it is increasingly integrated into our daily lives. And tools like HubSpot open up this possibility in a simple and consistent way.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Content originally published in november 2021.

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